FAQ#1: How do I choose my sport on iPracticeBuilder?

  1. When you first open the app, you’ll be able to choose your sport on the sports selection page. Select your sport by pressing on the sports icon of your choice. You can choose from Basketball (Youth or Advanced), Volleyball (Youth or Advanced), Soccer, Track & Field Advanced, Football, Baseball, Softball, Performance Training and Cheerleading. More sports are coming soon!

FAQ#2: How do I purchase additional drills for use on my iPracticeBuilder?

  1. You can access the drill store right from the app and purchase drills using your apple iTunes user name and password. The new drill store has hundreds of drills available for your sport of choice including soccer, basketball, baseball, football, softball, track & field, performance training, cheerleading and volleyball! The drill store is continually growing and drills in more sports are coming soon!

FAQ#3: I coach a youth team. Will the drills be relevant for youth?

  1. Yes. Most drills are designed for universal use. In addition, after you initially purchase iPracticeBuilder and are choosing your sport on the sports option page, you may choose a youth version that comes with 8 youth drills for basketball or volleyball and you’ll also be able to purchase additional youth drill packages on the drill store for those sports.

FAQ#4: Can I save and store my old practice plans?

  1. Yes. All of your old practices will be saved on the iPad and can be viewed in the cover flow carousel at the top of the app.

FAQ#5: Can I put my own Personal drills in my library?

  1. Yes—in less than 30 seconds. All you need to do is input the title or name of the drill and select what category you want to store it in and save it in your library. You can also type in a short drill description, key points and other important information about the drill, as well as add clips, links and diagrams.

FAQ#6: How do I add a video clip to a drill I created? Can I attach video I created in other apps to my drills?

  1. Attach a video that you recorded of your team performing a drill, your friend’s team or videos from other apps. The clips are uploaded to the app from your camera roll.
  2. You can also use videos you created on other apps to attach to your iPB drills! For example, if you created a video analysis of your players through another app, you can attach it to a drill simply by uploading the video from your camera roll.

FAQ#7: I love this drill I saw on the Internet—can I put it in my library?

  1. Yes.Give the drill a title and decide what category you want it in then copy and paste the link of any URL into the “Add Link” bubble (it should take less than 20 seconds.)

FAQ#8: Can I Share a Practice?

  1. Yes. You can easily share practices with your players or other coaches by printing out or emailing them a PDF version of your practice plan. Or, demonstrate your practice plan by showing them video clips of drills right on your iPad on the field or court!

FAQ#9: Can I use iPracticeBuilder on mobile devices other than Apple iPad?

  1. Not at this time. Right now, iPracticeBuilder is only available on the Apple App Store.

FAQ# 10: I coach multiple teams throughout the year. Can I organize my practices by team?

  1. Yes! Now, you can organize your practices by team and/or season while using the same library of drills for your sport. This additional feature is available for only $4.99 and allows you to create practices for an indefinite number of teams and/or seasons. Stay organized!